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Now days every person is fighting for his/her identity, earlier name and father name with basic address is only the way to identify a person. But now basics of identification have been changed due to increase in population and ambiguity of names and other identity. So, we are verified by number o f documents like citizenship card, voter card, pan card and many other proofs directed by government. In India Pan Card is the most important identification proof to identify a person and his/her financial transactions.It gives you a number by which you can submit your income tax return.In case anyone misplaced his PAN card than it is be required for him to get the other duplicate PAN card as earliest achievable. Due to lost of PAN card your all the financial transactions will get concerned or get postponed. It is the matter of information that one can not even get a new land line phone in absence of the pan card.After losing your pan card you must go to official web-site www.india.gov.in and apply for new one